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My DH is a gifter, but I am a Time-oriented person. He is a genius at finding things, and all our close friends know that if you really want something, just mention it around him and it will somehow be found or "show up" within a couple of weeks. He is constantly bringing little things home from garage sales, Salvation Army, or the like. He has found me cauldrons at the Salvation Army, which was one of the coolest ever! I finally did have to tell him that he didn't need to bring things home just so I could see them... LOL. But he has found me some amazing gifts that no one else probably would have given me. In our initial courtship, we worked at the same place, and his schedule was earlier than mine. I would come to work and find little things on my desk. Pack of gum, a book, stuff like that. Very romantic, no one had ever done little things like that for me.

I am time oriented, if you are important to me I will change my schedule, block out times on the calendar, and I feel most loved when I know people have done that for me. The gifts are nice, but not at all important. The fact that you have "Made room in your life for me" is most important.

We had a long time friend with whom we tried a few years back to see if we could form a relationship with her. One of the things I noticed about her was that she was not really into the gifting or the time. She was event oriented. So, in order to get her out with us, we needed to invite her to a specific event, dinner party, concert, etc. I took it personally for a while, because I couldnt just say to her, "lets get together Saturday! What do you want to do?". I felt slighted because it wasnt enough to just hang out with us, I needed to have a plan for her to consider it. We realized that wouldnt work for us in terms of a relationship, but are still friends, though we only see her about once a year.

Thanks for posting, it is good to talk about and remind myself of what I resonate with in terms of love. <3

OK, I am Editing here because I just took the time to go and take the actual quiz, and I came up as primarily Acts of Service, and secondarily as Words of Affirmation. Interesting, I always thought I was a Time person. But after reading the definitions, I think the quiz is pretty accurate. Which makes a lot of sense when it comes to my boyfriend, he is a giver of Acts of Service AND Words of Affirmation, over and over. Its one of the things I love about him.


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