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Originally Posted by kyrsten View Post
I have a question for the Poly masses...
How do I come out at work gracefully and elegantly without jeopardizing my job and reputation?

I work for a company that engineers and manufactures material processing equipment world wide, and I am on a career track with my company to one day be the VP of operations... It is very important to me.

But I am tired of people thinking my significant other is or has cheated on me. I want people to know I am in a Poly relationship and I am happy and I love it, and that our relationship is just as healthy if not moreso than a traditional relationship.
Why do you need to?

In some cases, it's not even possible. You can be as graceful and elegant as you want, but they can always find reasons to fire you, or at least to stop you climbing the ladder.

Then again, being "dumb enough to stay with a cheater" could have the same results.

But if there are specific people that you know to be aware that your SO is dating other people, you could go to them privately and just explain the situation, but ask that they not turn it into office gossip. Whether or not they'll listen is another matter, and one you have no control over.
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