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Originally Posted by Fiona View Post
I am still afraid FOR him, too...
That's understandable, but he's an adult and he has to make his own choices and live with the consequences of those choices. One of the hardest things about being friends with some people is watching them go through mistakes that you know how to prevent, but being powerless to stop them because they have to learn things for themselves. It just sucks that some of those mistakes have irreversible consequences.

the last time we talked, he seems to be justifying his possible involvement with this person, for instance: "Well, people who have had it longer don't shed virally as much, and X percentage of the population has it/has been exposed to it, and she had a partner for X amount of years and he never got it..."
Some people have natural immunities to certain infections. I don't know about HSV specifically, but I don't see why it would be any different. There are people, primarily in Africa, who have a natural immunity to HIV. Their immune systems work completely differently, no t-cells at all, so the very thing that HIV infects is absent in their systems.

So just because one person didn't get an infection doesn't mean the infection can't be transmitted. Or even that that person didn't become a Herpes Mary.
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