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Originally Posted by Marcus View Post
unless I missed a meeting, that's what a hierarchy is.
You did miss a meeting, actually. The "we make up the rules for everyone" club meets every second week, at the Starbucks on 5th & 2nd. Fortunately, they have no power and we just ignore their desperate pleas.

When I think of a relationship hierarchy I instantly think of some people being important and others being less important - while that makes me want to throw up in my mouth, "less than" isn't necessarily a requirement for someone lower on the hierarchy diagram. While I expect this is more true than people would feel comfortable admitting, I recognize that it isn't *necessarily* a "less than"/"greater than" setup with all hierarchical arrangements.
Important to whom? And why does the whom's opinion carry more absolute weight than the others'?

Everybody is more important to one person than they are to someone else. It might be that you're more important to you mom than you are to your aunt, or that you're more important to one partner than you are to another... But that's not hierarchy, it's just life.

There are some hierarchies that people have no control over. I cannot just up and choose to be in charge of the country. But I can choose whether or not to be involved in a hierarchical relationship. Having made the choice to do so, I may be giving up some autonomy within that relationship, but I always maintain my overall autonomy because I continually have the choice whether to continue being in that relationship.
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