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I also totally understand the whole "legal contract" approach of marriage.

My former supervisor and his wife got married because it was the only way she could get a Visa to stay with him in the US when he was going to school. They were all anti-marriage before that, but they figured it was just the easiest way to cut through the red tape. They were already planning on being together forever anyway, and they were common-law so all the property division stuff already applied.

I remember one person on here mentioning that the only reason she's married to the father of her children is so she could be on his health insurance.

Ultimately, I think marriage is whatever it means to the people in a specific marriage. No two marriages are alike, no matter how close the resemblance from an outsider's view. As long as both people in that marriage agree on what it means to them, then everyone else can just butt out.
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