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Evan was super nice to me yesterday. We were both out with different groups of friends and happened to end up in the same area, in bars quite close to each other. So while my friends went from one bar to another, I went to the bar where Evan was and told my friends I'd meet them a bit later in the bar they were going to. I hung out with him maybe like half an hour and then headed to the bar where my friends were supposed to be. When I got there, I noticed that the line was super long and it would take me like an hour or so to actually get in. I didn't want to wait that long alone, so I went back to the bar where Evan was. At this point it was already quite late. I was kinda lost about how to get home. Usually when I'm out somewhere, I'm either with someone who'll come back home with me or with someone who is going to the same direction so that we can share a cab or take the night bus together (there was someone like that in the group of friends I was out with). I hate going back home alone at night. This is something I'm scared of way more than anyone else I know, it is a real problem for me. So Evan decided to take the night bus to my house with me, walk me to my door and then walk a bit further away to take another bus to go home. Because of that he had to walk quite a bit more than he normally would have and he was home way later. I was so grateful that he did that! Made me feel very happy and safe and cared about.

Tomorrow is the party I wrote about earlier. So the date with Hank first (yay!) and then we'll go to the party together. Evan will go there a bit earlier to help Gemma with something. I'm very excited about the party, so many people I like are going to be there! Evan, Gemma, Hank, Felix and Casper. The other people that are coming are nice too, I think I've seen almost everybody at least once before. So I'm very much looking forward to it.
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