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Originally Posted by Lotsoflove View Post
Hi Hangoutter,

I do not have any wise suggestion at the moment, but i do want to say i'm impressed by you.
By your bravery to try it out, eventhough it feels strange.
That you are open to learn from other peoples mistakes, and that you are curious to your new situation and to other peoples feelings (the couple you are living with)

At least you have the most important for it to work out...
Innocence, curiousity, honesty and tact (i do not know if that is the correct english word, but i mean that you know when to say and how to say things)
So i hope it turns out to be a wonderfull journey for all of you.

And i just really like your way of writing

Wish you all the best,

thank you !
you're very kind

and Kevin thank you again, too
i'll have to start a thread in that stories forum
a written record could benefit me
and the people here seem very insightful so far

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