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Default just discovered this thread

This happened a week and a half ago, and I posted on another online poly group I'm in, but I discovered this thread and wanted to post it here too, because it was such a great experience.

My husband Guy and I were at a rehearsal, and one of the people I perform with is a potential partner, Falcon. [As an aside the relationship with Falcon is still more potential than actual at the moment. But at the time this happened things had been going really well the week before, so when this happened I was really excited.] Guy was talking to Falcon about all kinds of stuff - movies, cars, medieval reenactment, woodworking, family history - and finding they had very similar views and experiences, and could carry on a great conversation that they both enjoyed.

I was able to stand between them, smiling at them, one and then the other, as they talked over my head (literally - they're both significantly taller than me) - one hand on Falcon's thigh, the other hand on Guy's waist or hip, one foot touching one of each of their boots. They each put hands on me too - my wrist, shoulder, butt, or back. It was wonderful - I'm so, so happy that they are friendly with each other, that they got along so well. (course that makes me want to make the potential relationship hurry up and be realized! but I have to learn to be patient) This is the very first time Guy has even sort of kind of considered the possibility of me having another male partner... and I am so, so proud of him for being as open and loving and strong as he has been. So I had to share it.

Back to present - here's hoping things continue to go well and get over this communication issue that Falcon and I are having.
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