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Smile New to poly!

Hi everyone!

I'm Sekhmet and my husband Q and I have been married for 5 years. We're mono, but I've told him from the beginning that I'd be open to opening up, we'd just have to talk about first. So, Wednesday, he brought it up. He and a mutual friend of ours (Miss M) have been flirting over text for ages, but in the last week, it's turned from flirting to FLIRTING.

I was a bit in shock since we've talked about it, but we haven't taaalked about it. I told him I needed to work through some feelings but I'm not saying no. We talked all day and I even talked to Miss M, who has been amazing considering that none of us have ever done this before. Q and I have felt closer than ever with all this communication, and our relationship was good before!

Q and Miss M are pretty deep in NRE, but Q is being wonderful when I need reassuring. I've had a couple of freak outs, but worked through the feelings with Q's support. He and Miss M are going out tomorrow night. He's promised no sex (PIV), but I set minimal limits otherwise. I'm varying between freaking out and being extremely turned on by the thought.

:-) I'm glad you are here so I can blabber on to someone!
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