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Originally Posted by ManofDiscovery View Post
Whereas if you say 'I need to trust a man in order for this to happen, and for me that means x, y and z need to happen first' then it gives him a clear picture of why you cannot go ahead right now.
x) Know them well enough to know what their morals are such as they will not lie, cheat, steal, harm me.. everyone he's brought in so far are COMPLETE strangers to me. I have customers at work that I know better and I only have to deal with them in a professional 'Hi! Have a nice day!' manner. Just cause he's spent more than 30 minutes and think's their 'ok' doesn't mean I will.

Y) Once the whole getting to know you phase is over and I feel I can trust that person then we can work out what's expected if we decide to go through with a relationship, ya know the whole is this a relationship or just a friends with benefits etc.

Then maybe Z can happen. Right now, no way.

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