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Originally Posted by Beth13 View Post
I'm worried that while I love J, is a future possible with J?
A future is always possible, but if he continues to push you into things you're not comfortable with, it will not be a happy future.

I want him to be happy but not at the expense of my happiness.
And this is as it should be.

Am I opposed to poly or just the idea/practice or threesomes moresomes, or both?
It's beside the point. He's pushing and pushing for things you've made it clear you're not comfortable with. I once watched a man push and cajole his wife into a horse ride, when she was clearly terrified of horses. And to my mind, pushing someone into sex is way, way, way beyond that. This is your body, your emotions, for many people sex touches something in the very heart and soul. There are health concerns. He's pushing you into something with serious consequences. He's way out of line, and whether your opposition is to poly or threesomes in particular isn't a question right now. His behavior and disrespect of your boundaries is.
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