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Well gosh. 6 years together and now he's a changed man, pushing to involve you in exploring his bi nature.

I've spoken to enough bi men to know there's a population of guys out there who won't be with a man unless a woman is also present. I find it a kind of cop out, but hey, a fetish is a fetish. They aren't rational.

However! He has NO RIGHT to be pushing you, a virgin except for him, to accompany him on this journey of sexual discovery. State his desire, yes. Downplay your concerns and lack of desire for meaningless sex with a virtual stranger? NO!

Has he been watching lots of porn? The internet has brought fetishes to many people's minds and bucket lists. It all looks so easy in porn. 2 hot guys, one hot woman bringing them together, her hands putting the men's bits together, encouraging them. But honey, porn is porn. Real life is real life. You're not a porn actress.

I'd say if he really wants a guy for meaningless sex, he should start cruising and get a guy and do him. Sheesh.
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