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Originally Posted by Beth13 View Post
For one, when I even slightly indicate that I might be interested in something like that in the future he pushes for RIGHT NOW as in calling up a male friend/acquaintance and setting something up that night or that week . . . It's like he's in his own fantasy land and not paying attention to reality and hearing what I am saying. Super frustrating.
This sounds like an OBSESSION. The fact that you two are so isolated without other friendships adds to the creep factor. You should be VERY WARY. It sounds like things could be moving toward a very abusive situation for you. Does he want to keep you in the house all the time, or get suspicious when you go out? Something is off psychologically with him, it seems. Very, very creepy. I wish you could see that (several of us have mentioned it). To say you are just frustrated tells me you are not really seeing clearly. Warning bells should be going off like crazy!

If I were you, I would tell him that he needs to address this obsession in therapy or you will postpone getting married. If he continues to be this much of an uncaring beast, WALK AWAY and break it off completely. If you keep backing down and trying to be "understanding," he will run roughshod all over you! If he is this obsessed and oblivious to your concerns now, and you don't stick to your position, he can twist everything around until you become his sex slave! Do you want to find yourself tied up and blindfolded while he brings in strangers to fuck you??? End it for your own good.

What kind of respect do you think he will give you in a month or a year if he can't respect you now? Come on, honey, open your eyes!
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