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Originally Posted by Somegeezer View Post
Very useful for thinking, but not practical, hands on stuff. It is the dog training itself or the science research itself that is the practical side of it.
It seems to me that there is a common belief in our society that thinking about something and doing something are totally separate things. (I'm suspecting that Descartes possibly started this with his incredibly powerful - and religiously motivated - division of the world into minds and bodies).

Anyway - I don't think that they are. Everything that a person may do - teach, program computers, ski, drive, play a musical instrument, garden - needs thought and planning on an ongoing basis. At work, we spend over 50% of our time in planning and analysis - the actual programming and testing part of our job isn't the bulk of it.

Philosophy is of immense practical help, in my opinion, because it helps people be better at the planning and thinking and problem solving parts of doing hands on stuff.

Ever heard of Lojban? It's actually one thing I'm working on at the moment in learning. Again, no practical use to it [yet], but a great thing to think about.
I hadn't heard of it. It looks fascinating. I agree with you - if you enjoy learning stuff like that, you'd probably have loads of fun with loads of IT stuff.

Do Lojban speakers have conventions and get togethers? One of my friends has been speaking Esperanto for years. He has friends all over the world that he's met at the get togethers he goes to. His daughter is 4 and speaks Esperanto and English which is very cute.

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