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On the other hand, all my other partners are so totally awesome

Ren came to the bar where I was last night to talk to me, and comfort me.
I texted MrBrown and let him know that some of the stuff / my anxiety that I had talked about with him a couple of weeks ago, were happening again. He's not the comforting type, and will never say words of reassurance, but he will say things that remind me that I am more than just a scared and anxious person, and that I have the freedom to choose.

and BGuy, who I wuld not even call a partner, but who continues to be awesome.. I had some worries, too complicated to explain here, about the privacy of our communications. He's on vacation now and I did not want to bother him with it, afraid to look stalkerish when contacting him at this time. But the worries were too strong and I did text him. He texted me back almost immediately, turns out there was a misunderstanding, and nothing really to worry about. I apologized, he said it was perfectly fine, and told me when he'll be back in town.

C. is coming to my city tonigt and we'll be together in public places with my co-workers most of the evening. But I'm sure we'll manage some time together to talk... and I'm really looking forward to seeing him, the actual person, which will certainly help to clear some of the mess in my head.
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