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Well, this is my first and only relationship so far. I started this as a virgin as well. It's not that I waited for anything, I'm just slow/late bloomer/geek/introverted/shy... While my GF has had her fair share of experience (and a son that's not that much older than our relationship) We started of with a one night stand, that got repeated ... a couple of times and eventually more of a friends-with-benefits period. During this grey area I had 2 one night stands with another woman. (I was clearly just starting to discover my sexuality) At that point she was surprised, since she clearly expected more. So we decided to define our relationship, leaving me certain options for experience. In the 2 years after that, I had 2 more one night stands (like I said, I'm pretty slow) Both were with prior consent from my GF, but ended in tears upon my return.

After the last one, we decided to work on our relationship issues first, before allowing any more escapades. Since then I noticed I'm also getting more feelings for others, deeper feelings. And it's getting more difficult having to suppress these feelings, not being able to show them or to act on them. I've had conversations about this with my girlfriend, but, if anything, it has driven her more into monogamy. And I'm sitting here wondering if I'm just out for casual sex, actually into polyamory or something else.

I'm currently reading "The Ethical Slut", but, while it tends to confirm the way I feel about life, relations and more as polyamerous, it's not really helping me out on how to combine it with my mono girlfriend.
(ok so far on being brief in the beginning )
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