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Originally Posted by Ceoli View Post
A more productive discussion might change the last response to something like, "Oh, I don't interpret Y in that way, I interpret it in this way. How do you interpret Y? OP, how did you intend to use Y?" which allows for everyone involved to feel heard and tends to encourage further discussion on the original topic, rather than discourage it.
Funny but I felt that that's what I did. But funnily enough, I wasn't really being heard, but interpreted as being hostile.
Isn't this interesting. Because when I used almost that EXACT terminology with dakid over the definition of a lover vs. a fuckbuddy, you jumped all over me for expecting people to adhere to my definitions.

I specifically said to her "I would call what you described a lover. How do you define a lover then?" and I got raked over the coals for making someone define things on my terms.

So .. I see a huge level of hypocrisy in what you say in threads like this Ceoli.

You say I should block you because I am going to get offended just because you disagree with me. I don't necessarily disagree with many of your points and I don't care that you disagree with me. If we all thought alike, the world would be boring. However, I find your attitude on the board to be boarderline bullying of those who disagree with you, which is what I find offensive. I find that you use your psychological training and ability with words to back people into corners, then you follow that up with saying you are a victim of tactics you yourself use on others.

I'm sorry that you feel offended or hurt by that.
"I'm sorry that you feel ... " is a lame cop-out apology. It's a passive-aggressive way of denying responsibility for your own words. If you're sorry you offended me, then say so. If you're not sorry, then don't "apologize" to me for my own feelings. We are all entitled to our feelings and opinions and don't need someone else to apologize on our behalves.

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