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Thanks Annabel. But I guess it sounds way more emotional than it really is right now. I was really worried about Lin and his condition, but when he finally got the result, it was all kind of calm. It's right, better to have something final, but honestly, I think that his doctor told him unconfirmed stuff. No tests, no hormonal checks, just looking at the basic facts. I read quite a lot lately about that topic and the way the doctor confirmed that he should be infertile doesn't sit well with me. But I didn't stir any argument, because Lin seems to be content with that diagnosis right now. If that is what he needs, it's alright. He himself said when I initially voiced my doubts, that we may look into this matter again in 3 or 4 year's time. (When I wanted the second child to be his.) It's no pressing matter right now.

I haven't given up hope, that we may be (biological) parents one day as well, as I know how much this would mean to him.

Thanks for your wishes I really hope that this will work out soon.
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