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Originally Posted by opalescent View Post
One of my core beliefs is 'Ask for what you want. You might get it!'.
That's the other end of the conversation which I think is equally important; that we "might" get what we want. I have had the unfortunate pleasure of dating a person who really had no concept of getting a response other than the one they wanted. This is the difference between a question and an order. A question leaves the possibility of any number of responses and while I might be disappointed by the response I get... it was just a question so I need to suck it up.

My job on this end of the spectrum (asking and getting "no") is to be an adult and respect that they are answering within the bounds of their knowledge base or belief system. If I value them as a person I need to value their ability to make decisions for themselves, even if a decision they make doesn't happen to benefit me.
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