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Thank you again, Galagirl. One of the other hardest parts of this for me has been that the whole point of multiple relationships is that an existing relationship does not have to be shunted aside/abandoned for a new one, yet that feels like exactly what he's done. I am hurting so badly right now; it's hard to imagine why he ever said that he loved or cared about me, if he was willing to push me aside for someone new and risk my health in the process.

I still haven't heard from him, except for an apology delivered via e-mail. He says he wants to talk but doesn't want to get unnecessarily sidetracked. We were supposed to both be going to a social occasion this weekend - something I'd very much looked forward to - but I don't think I can bring myself to go. And I just keep wondering what's going on, what he's thinking and feeling (and if he is involved with anyone else, especially that person.) I can't shake the feeling that he is just going to do whatever he wants (whether it's a risk to our relationship/either of our health, or not) and then tell me later, and I'm not handling that well right now. I am feeling so lost.
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