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the 'middleman' is a good way to put it i guess
Red expresses things to me that he hasn't to Teal as well
it doesn't make me uncomfortable but i wonder if it could end up hurting them in the long run?
sometimes i worry that i could end up harming their relationship, even though they're not exactly delicate
in fact their solidarity was part of why they were so attractive to me to begin with
it's still there but knowing them like this has given me new insight

sit-downs sound like a fine idea, we could always benefit from actually talking about these things
we've discussed at length future plans and current situations but the nature of the relationship
has always been something we skim over
i know it's because we're all a little ashamed
(maybe not ashamed, exactly, but very new and confused about what it means)

Teal is concerned about the sexuality aspect with Red, she's told me that a couple times
worried that he may actually be gay/looking for a cop out with me
i wish she'd ask him about it but it has the potential to be a very delicate conversation
broaching the subject with both of them in the room is certainly the best solution i'm sure
it's just a very intimidating
i'll save this for another time maybe

thanks Kevin
i spent a while reading through the forums yesterday
it's nice to know this is a real thing and we're not just weird haha
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