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Originally Posted by evad View Post
Nadya, how has CJ been able to adjust?
That is a good question Have been thinking about this quite a lot today... from many perspectives. Might want to get back to some of it later on, maybe in another thread, but here is a short version:

He has been just great in adjusting. He has done all the hard work required to change the way he thinks about certain things. It has been emotional on both sides at times, but where else to express your emotions than at home with your loved one? We have both wanted to understand ourselves and each other. There has been a permission for both of us to feel all the feelings that come up and live through them with the other by one's side to support. After the emotional part has been dealt with, it has been time for the conversations: what do I want, what do you want. Why? How does that make you feel? etc. etc. until harmony is reached. The whole process has made us stronger as a couple and tought us to respect each other and each other's feelings, needs and opinions.

From your story I got the feeling that your wife might be able to adjust to the new situation. I truly hope it goes well for you.
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