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Again some weeks have passed and I have been busy. I got my grade for the written test and it was good. I hoped for a better one, but second best possible will do. I was a bit stuck in regard to my papers, but two are almost done. Totally lacking in motivation but the deadline is on Saturday, so I will make it.

Some good and bad news:

Lin has been to the doctor and the result was confirmed. He is unable to have biological children. He hasn't been as down as I feared, but I guess this will be a matter later on. Because:

Sward and I went to a specialist to get our treatment started. We stopped trying on our own and visited a fertility center. The first try is already next week and I am a bit overwhelmed by the speed all of it is progressing right now. I mean: nothing much happened for months and now there is a real chance that we could succeed with it. I am exited and a bit scared, just like when we decided to start trying for a child last Summer.

I checked in with Lin, because it was quite disadvantageous that his sterility notice arrived nearly the same day as Sward and my artificial insemination treatment plan. Understandably he doesn't want to talk or hear each and every detail about it for now and asked for some space. But overall he says it doesn't matter that much and that it will be ok. I hope that it will be

Sward is a bit down as well, because he won't be 'actively' involved in the process. I can't change that fact and to be honest, I know what he means, but I simply have a different view in regard to that matter. But Lin totally understood where he was coming from and I guess it helped that Lin was able to relate to Sward's thoughts and feelings. Sometimes it is beneficial to have a second man at hand It wasn't a big deal, but it was on Sward's mind.

So, we are getting started; I will have a check up on Tuesday and it gets serious next weekend. Really excited and a bit scared at the moment.
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