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So, C just sent me an email that he has slept with Molly and had unprotected sex.
We were fluid bonded, well I guess we're not anymore

I had told him that if he didn't use condoms with her we would have to go back to condoms. He hates them and often can't perform when using them. It hurts, a lot, that he chooses to have this experience with her instead of me. And this is the day after he sent me a long email how much he loves me and how much I mean to him.

In a way I'm glad he slept with her, it was coming. But the fact that in this important matter he chose her over me, has me scared.

He was supposed to come to my city tomorrow and we were supposed to go to this event where a lot of my co-workers would be present. I was nervous about it, in a happy-nervous kind of way. Now I feel weird about going there because despite his words, I feel slighted. Am I overreacting?

Also, I'm kind of mad at him for telling my over email. We texted and we're going to talk onthe phone in an hour. I'm so sad....
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