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everything seems to be easing up. spoke to boyfriend this morning. and explained that there is alot of factors that have led to emotional withdrawal and strain. But he does listens and understands and explains that now its time to move forward from it. he isnt trying to deny me my affection, he wants to show me that he loves us equally and that is the reason we have all come together because of love. i told him that sometimes i just feel like he forgets he has two girlfriends and just needs to be aware that now if girlfriend has let go of her issues that he needs to focus on us both. In order for us to all come and unite completely i know that i need to also leave behind the emotions of neglect and betrayal. it uplifted me that talk because it reassured me of my through think and thin pledge. Ive always told him no matter what ill always been here and lately i felt like sticking around wasnt the best decision for me. girlfriend has been great no problems and boyfriend has just been basically making up for time he has put me on the back burner to give extra attention to her. he says its not only you here its us three its equal. you are your own person yes and when your out in the world you show that but when youcome home to us its us three our life dont forget we are all in this together im not going to leave you behind never. thank again for all your love and support
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