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Originally Posted by wildflowers View Post
I thought this was an interesting article (also regarding an invented language).
Given that you're working with another such language, it may not have new ideas for you (and your language seems less complicated), but it was a new area for me. In a way, it struck me as language as self analysis: you have to truly know what you're trying to say very precisely before you can say anything.
Definitely interesting, thanks.

I barely know Lojban myself. I only started learning it a small time ago. But it definitely seems that all things this Ithkuil language tries for, Lojban has done it.

I do like the script of Ithkuil though. It looks really cool. Lojban is typically written in our regular Latin script here, but also goes quite well with Tengwar [Lord Of The Rings], and Hebrew.

and where both are made to be logical languages, I really love that Lojban is truly logical, to the point that computers are able to parse it perfectly. The syntax is really the easy part of it. It's just working up a dictionary knowledge of the brivla [words]. Thankfully, the gismu [root words] are only 1300ish in number. So it is possible, with time, to have a working knowledge of them all. With them, you create most other words you may need, or just string them together to get the meaning across.

I've never been one for languages before now. I have an average understanding of English itself. I always struggled finding any use in languages like French, back in high school. and even computer languages were never presented to me at a time when I would have learnt them with passion. But with the new self, I've been finding myself in new interests, like Lojban, and eventually, Python.

It seems that with every new thing you learn, the more your mind changes the way it thinks. and with something like a logical language, you find yourself thinking in much more logical ways, and even applying more logic to your native language [being English for me, of course]. I've actually noticed in just the past year or so, how much of a change it's been for my mind. and I like it.
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