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Matt and I had a lunch date. We just kind of talked about our respective mornings/early afternoons. Crazy busy on both ends, but we decided to set time apart to grab lunch. We were making plans for this weekend. We have a dinner party to attend tonight with some of his colleagues. It should be interesting. It will be at LouLou's, so I am excited. I get to get dolled up and glammed up for an evening. Plus, it benefits one of our most favourite charities. I could do without this weather, though.

Tomorrow, we are spending the day with the children. Our daughter is picking the places, so who knows where we will end up? I am all for it and excited.

I have not been around Si since Sunday night. I have reached out every day this week. Yet, something is always up. I do not want to believe that she is unhappy about the fact that we are working on our marriage, but her attitude has done nothing to disprove that. I find myself pulling away from her and retreating. Her attitude lately combined with my guilt and everything else has lead me to gravitate towards Matt. I cannot correct what I am unaware of. Moping, pouting, sulking, bitching...all of these things are happening, but she is not telling me what the problem is. I cannot decode her like some message written in clear ink on a piece of white paper. I am uncertain of what my future is with her. If I am reaching out and trying to spend time with her, trying to find out what is really wrong, and even asking Matt for different approaches, I am doing all that I can on my end. I am still praying for the best, but something has to give.

Back to work it is.


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