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Originally Posted by Krazykitty View Post
If another person might be involved with me that would tell me how wonderful I look, I think this would make it bearable... is that unethical? I can exercise, put on more make-up etc. but I'm still an average looking 42 year old woman and as long as he's fantasizing about this absolutely STUNNING 26 year old creature, I feel as if I'm fading into obscurity. This can't be right.
I won't have time to read everything or say much more until tomorrow but I wanted to point out that 26 year olds may be younger looking, and sometimes more beautiful but there is nothing that compares to a wise, matured woman. I too am around your age and I really can't bare a lot of 26 year olds for too long. They are just in another world to me... I don't say that out of hate or judgment, but just that their life experience is so limited and eventually I get bored and just feel like I need more.

I dated a woman who is 25 and I am 40. She was/is lovely. I care about her and admire her intelligence. I find her attractive and very mature for her age, but eventually I found that the robustness of being more mature just wasn't there. There is a well roundedness that comes from being older or a warmth of some kind... I can't seem to explain. I attune it to the fall rather than the summer of a persons life somehow. Does that make sense? they each have a certain feel.

I think that your husband might well just want to fuck this woman and remember his youth. A bit of mid life stuff going on perhaps? I suspect that is all there is too it, but then I haven't read the whole thread yet, sorry if I am wrong. It's sad that you are taking this on and no I don't think that is unethical, but just plain hard! I understand your feelings as I look at my muffin top, skin that isn't as elastic anymore, tits that are beginning to sag and gray hair coming in. It totally get it! It sucks getting old... but I have decided that I must be loved for who I am or I'm outta there. I have no intention of allowing anyone to think I am in someway unworthy of love and admiration because I am older. I expect admiration and respect and therefore get it (at least in my mind which is all that matters).

just for the record, and for what it's worth, from a woman is loooooonging for some female lovin'......I find older women damned sexy without make up and doing to much to make themselves look younger. I find it rather insecure and kind of repulsive to see women try to hard to attract others... no disrespect in that, just my desire lies in fresh faced, real bodies that are confident, healthy and show signs of being taken care of .... exercise, good food, laughter, confidence, happiness with themselves and smelling good (natural smell that is) are a must for me. Nothing to do with youth or looks.
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