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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Is A a man or woman? Just want to get clear on who's who.
A was a male coworker of J's.

I may be a sucker for punishment but I cannot give up on J just yet. I know he loves me but I just think he's confused and so hooked on his fantasy that he's not being objective and hearing me.

I keep telling him we should go to of the local poly support group meetings so he can talk to others and possibly make some friends as our friend base has shrunk due to people moving away etc. He keeps saying he wants to have/make more friends to socialize with. But he's opposed to the idea of going to the poly gatherings for some reason. I figured this would be a great way for him to meet other poly's and have a support base and make some new friends. I'm for anything that gets us out of the house and meeting new people and friends who might share like interests. I may be a shy introvert but I do like meeting people who share common interests and making new friends.

Either way it's nice to know it's not me being unreasonable but J being too pushy. With him being so pushy and me having no one to really talk to about this, it causes me to get confused and question myself emotionally when intellectually I know I am correct if that makes sense. Thank you both for listening and the advice.
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