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Hi hangoutter,
Welcome to our forum.

Don't worry about BoringGuy, he's pink but harmless.

Sounds like you sometimes get "caught as the middleman" between Red and Teal. It doesn't sound insurmountable, just encourage Teal to be as brave as she can and open up to Red a little more about what she's thinking and feeling.

Do you guys ever have sit-downs where all three of you get together (for oh an hour or so) to talk about your hopes, dreams, needs, wants, questions, concerns, answers, and issues? If not, you might want to start scheduling those, for once a week or once a month or what have you. This might give Teal the opportunity she needs to open up.

Sounds to me like you overall have a pretty good situation, but you are wise to locate this poly forum where you can learn what does and doesn't work in poly. Check out our various threads and post any questions you have. You may find the Golden Nuggets board and Life stories and blogs board particularly useful.

Any way we can help, we'll be happy to do so.

Kevin T.
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