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Default grrrrrrr arrrrrrrrghhh

So…I don't even know how to go about this. I don't know if I just need to vent or if I'm looking for advice or what at this point. My triad is fine. I'm not really having issues with it as much as I'm having issues with the husband and I just don't know what to do about it this time. So during the day we are all in a three way Facebook chat. Nails (the hubby) is always putting up bondage pics. Now keep in mind it is nothing we have ever done nor is it something I'm anywhere near ready for but he likes them so fine. I think some of them are hot but there's a big difference to me with liking the way a rope falls over a sexy body and wanting to tie someone up or be tied up yourself. Giggles (the gf) isn't so much into the idea herself. So…this is how the conversation went down today excluding the pics he used.

Nails: I think Giggles needs to go in time out...this weekend -insert pic of naked woman bound to a chair-
Sortafairytale: no rope play until you know for sure what you're doing LOL
Nails: -insert pic of a broken dam over flowing- Oh I know what I'm gonna do...
Giggle: Haha…
Nails: -insert pick of girl bound in pink tape- We can just get pink tape instead
Sortafairytale: it doesn't stick to the body becks only to itself. Much safer then actual rope
Nails: Lol its not ducktape...But ducktape would be harder to get out of
Giggles: Uhhhhh...still no. Lol
Nails: -insert pic of under bed restrain with horrible unsexy pic of woman on the front that Nails knows I detest-
Sortafairytale: I fucking hate that picture...soooo not sexy
Nails: Scared???? Fuck the pic. Its the product
Sortafairytale: and this is where I duck out cause this is a conversation that doesn't include me LOL
Nails: Yes its does
Sortafairytale: no it doesn't
Nails: Cuz your doing it I'm just watching...Mistress
Sortafairytale: Yeah no...that's your thing
Nails: Yeah yes
Never mind
--pause…side conversation between Nails and I in a separate chat-
-insert pic of a Taxi cause I am currently without a car and Nails is my ride-
-pause for 10 minutes-
-insert pic of the movie Good Girl-
Awwww look its a movie for dawn
Sortafairytale left the conversation.

As for our side chat it went like this first on FB then on text:
Sortafairytale: oh don't start this crap
Nails: Seriously
Sortafairytale: This isn't fair
Nails: You're right its not…is it. So with that being said is why I checked out cuss it wasn't fair
Sortafairytale: Because I said no?
Nails: All in the shit way you do it. Nevermind about it all and no its not my thing won't ever come up again
pussy ass cry baby…Really left conversation
Sortafairytale: Yep. I'm not going to sit there while u attempt to treat me like an uptight bitch
Nails: Ummm well stop being an uptight bitch then…and you won't get treated that way
Sortafairytale: Wow thanks babe really
Nails: And don't fuckin' be rude to me and all will be fine…rude

I stopped talking then and tried to call him because to me things get misunderstood a lot with texting. Tone in a conversation means so much and a simple LOL doesn't always convey that you're teasing.

Was I upset about the bondage stuff, no. I don't deny him his things and I don't shut him down. All I meant by my comment was I don't want to be tied up and I don't want to tie anyone up so this is now a game for you and the girlfriend..ha ha ha what he heard or at least what I think he heard was: "Yeah fuck you i'm not fucking doing that and so I'm leaving cause fuck off!!!" What's so frustrating to me is how he does this big pouty "I'm taking my toys and going home" thing and then treats me like I did something wrong. WTF. ok i guess I just needed to vent. I know this just threw my entire blog out of order but seriously…I'm so annoyed right now and hurt I just had to get it down and out of my head!
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