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So far no real chance to talk to boyfriend, especially with stress from other aspects of life, yesterday we hit a rock but managed to steer away from it after the crash with just minor bumps. seems like they are both trying. Maybe its just me that is now over it after everyone took their time to neglect and ignore me in this all. I have become very distant and cold and some what mean, but with all reasons. its not that i want to be, its just that actions reciprocate responses and if they are negative they will bring negative. But then again I have already set a time limit like i said earlier in the post, so if it truly cant pass this very rocky stage then I know that the towel will need to ultimately be hung. for now im just going to accept their attempts to show they care and stop over analyzing and just also start to live my life again. Go out with friends enjoy hobbies i like and just be me whole heartily. ive started to set alone time as well as time with them as well as time with friends as well as time to do things i enjoy that i have left in the dust. its only right to rebuild myself after so much i owe it to myself. Hope all is well in your relationships to you all. sending love your way!!
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