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I felt like she treated me with respect, whether or not I agreed with her or her cause. In turn I find that I can respect her and her cause a lot better, and have made the effort to go and do more research, both on the cause and on the organization she was representing. Now I am far better prepared and have been given the space to make up my own mind about an issue, without feeling pressured into it. She was obviously very dedicated (it was a horrible night out), but kept a very friendly demeanor about her.
I'm an activist and I've found that's always true! I've learned that it's really hard to convince people but it's really easy to plant seeds and let them convince themselves. Indeed, this is the only effective way to do it.

It's really hard to plant those seeds if you come off condescending and arrogant. Granted, I'm human and still have some moments where I get heated or defensive and my composure slips but I'm becoming better at avoiding those.

It's also very important to listen when you're the one coming with a message. Finding commonality is crucial.

Thanks for the random feedback on your experience with an activist. It's always good to hear people's opinons and feedback on how to be a better one.
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