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Default third wheeling isn't so bad

hey i'm new here
currently i'm in a very delicate situation
with a boy i'll call Red and a girl i'll call Teal
that i'm not too sure about
but overall, very happy with, at least for the time being

i have a history of monogamy
and have been friends with Red and Teal for years
following my more recent break up
they let me move in to their tiny spare room
and its graduated to more than a friendship over the past few months

we all have strikingly similar values
and our long-term goal is the same
(we've been discussing it before i even moved in)
but i want to tread very cautiously
and not fuck things up
because i'd hate for the plan to change

hopefully i can learn something here
that'll help with the little things i worry about
like how i'm so much closer to Teal but more intimate with Red
and if it's going to work out long term
which i really want it to

overall we have pretty great communication
a good sense of community, values and ethics
they've been the best roommates i've ever had on top of that
i'm fairly optimistic i just don't fully get it
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