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Sigh. I am sorry you hurt.

You state your partner has shattered your trust, been angry/cruel/verbally abusive and violated you by putting you at health risk via unprotected sex.

Those are some big red flags.

Could not let your soft feelings for him get in the way of you preserving your LONG TERM best healths. YOU are responsible for your own well being. You are not well here.

Could end it. Walk away. Then do the self care you need to heal from this tragic experience.

You are not stupid for falling for him in the first place.

You are not terrible to want a better standard in relationships than you have been getting from him.

You have worth, dignity and value. Do not stay in the line of fire, as painful as it may feel to walk away.

Some choices in life are "this stinks and that stinks... which stinks the least?"

I think the choice of walking away could stink the least here -- then you are not heaping NEW stink on.

I am sorry you are going through this.

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