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Default Thanks for welcome!

I already feel at home here

Yes, due to financial reasons, they will be moving into my home directly. As I said, I know the situation is not ideal. I would definitely like a more laid back, less stressful adjustment period, but unfortunately, it is not to be. We're going hard and fast with this one.

That's part of the reason I joined this forum, actually. Going into this situation as a novice, I already know that there will be issues that will need to be worked through. Compound that with the fact that there will be no adjustment period, and everything gets accelerated. Things that we could take slowly if they lived nearby will move a lot faster in the same house. That's why I would like to be as prepared as possible, to learn what are some typical newbie problems and at least be ready for them, to be able to spot them as soon as possible and be able to start working through them rather than letting them fester or get blindsided by something I hadn't even considered.

60 days to cram as much poly prep as I can into my head

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