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I would leave. I take no form of abuse. Never will I ever allow anybody to berate me or call me anything but the name my mother and father gave me. I have a zero tolerance policy. Your situation sounds so unhealthy for so many different reasons. You acknowledge hat he is [verbally] abusive, but you still have a hard time believing your loved ones when they tell you the same. Abuse is abuse.

His behaviour is unacceptable. As I keep telling people, people can only treat you the way you allow them to. You crying and him having these explosive moments of rage is a problem. Honey, he is not worth it. He needs to be sorting out his issues, and you need to be leaving.

A lot of people do not know that they have HSV 1, but his behaviour after finding out is ridiculous. You had every right to be upset. HSV can open the door for HSV-2, which is something you can never get rid of. He was careless answer at the very least should have apologised for possibly exposing you. His lack of knowledge stems from ignorance. He claims he did not know, well dude you need to educate yourself before letting someone put their mouth on you. If he wants to play Russian Roulette with his health, let him do it on his own time when you are not in the picture.

You can establish boundaries in the next relationship. Who is to say his verbal abuse will not escalate to something physical? You can find out what is going on in the role of a friend.
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