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Default Biamory Clubhouse - a place for biamorists

Biamorists have traditionally been called by the term "bisexual," but this term is starting to lose favor among some of us. I'm one who wishes to cease using "bisexual" as a self-describing term. From this moment forward, I am no longer "bisexual". I'm biamorous. Until a prettier word comes along that more aptly describes my amory orientation.

Likewise, I am refusing to play the sexual orientation game -- because sexual activity, per se, is no more aptly descriptive (or central) of/to my amorousness than a loving look or kind, affectionate speech -- or a walk in the park.

Yes, I'm attracted to both sexes in a "sexual" way, but that's not central to what it's like to BE biamorous, and so "bisexual" is just not an apt description of the EXPERIENCE of biamory -- which is more about affection, love, and what I call "full spectrum intimacy" --
intimacy involving a wide variety of intimacy types, e.g., emotional, verbal, sensual, intellectual.... Full spectrum intimacy may include sexual expression, but can hardly be aptly defined by sex--as terms like "heterosexual," "homosexual," and "bisexual" do.

I doubt that many people enjoy sex, per se, more than I do! But sex is not at the center of my life or of my relationships.

Welcome, biamorists!
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