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Originally Posted by Helo View Post
Also consider that most things with food coloring in it have very little of the actual coloring substance in it. To highlight this, take some kitchen food coloring and fill up the biggest container you have with water. Put one drop in the water and stir it. See the radical change in color with a single drop of the stuff in relation to how much water is there.
Yes, but many LD-50's are measured in mg/kg of exposure, and that's just what it takes to KILL half the lab rats in one dose... cumulative effects generally require far, far less.

Put another way, if 10 mg per day of something can keep you from having symptoms of ADHD, isn't it at least plausible that 10 mg of something else could be what's causing those symptoms, in some cases at least?

I'm by no means saying that ALL cases are caused by artificial colouring. Every person has their own biochemistry, and we all respond differently to chemicals. What I'm saying is that for some people, it could be a contributing factor. What harm does it do to cut out artificial colour for a month and see if the symptoms improve? If they do, then you might be having an interaction. If not, then go back to the junk and rest easy knowing it's not a factor.

Personally I dont get why they need coloring AT ALL. It's fuckin' mac and cheese, it does not need to be neon yellow. Sell it in its natural color and stop fucking with it to take advantage of people's psychology.
It's gotten to the point where people expect it. Some mothers claim their kids won't eat this or that if it's not the right colour. I love that "won't eat healthy food" claim. Like they're going to starve themselves completely before they'll let their tongue touch a vegetable. One mother on TV said, "My child will only eat ice cream and chips." What, does your child do the grocery shopping?

If they like the taste, they'll devour it, no matter what colour it is. What I'd like to know is how we got on this runaway train in the first place. North American foods are far more coloured than in the rest of the world. Their kids don't seem to be sitting around, refusing to eat their elbow macaroni because it isn't yellow enough...

They used to colour margarine because it wasn't as yellow as real butter. Then people started wondering why their butter wasn't as yellow as their margarine, so they started colouring the butter too. *fp*
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