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Originally Posted by turtleHeart View Post
Was this part clear to your wife from the beginning of your relationship with T? I wonder if your wife was ok with things happening online in part because she felt secure that sex in real life wasn't an option between you and T.
It wasn't clear because it wasn't clear to me. I never expected it to happen, and certainly didn't set out to happen. That's not the way online relationships go They go on for a while, maybe a few months at most, and then people get bored or find a real life partner or fix whatever was wrong in their life that drives them online.

21 months after that was supposed to happen T and I are getting even better and closer.

And you absolutely hit the nail on the head. During our last conversation, she said it felt like I was renegging on a promise. I completely understand. But, that's something we can work around.
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