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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
I've been seeing some studies lately, linking ADHD and associated behaviours with artificial colouring. There have been reported cases (I'm no expert) where parents have cut out artificial colouring completely, and their problems completely disappeared.

Anyone have experience with this? I figure, at the very least, it sure can't hurt to try.

On a related note, there was a woman on CBC Radio last week who'd been diagnosed with MS in her early teens. She was told that she'd be in a wheelchair by the time she was 25. She's now in her 40s and doesn't have a single symptom. She credits her health to cutting out all processed food, artificial colours and flavours.
I'd put very little stock in it.

A lot of these "health warnings" come out every year and most turn out to be bogus; Mountain Dew makes you sterile, Red Bull gives you brain cancer, Pop Rocks will kill you, etc etc.

Food colorings are generally artificial in nature and have long, science-y sounding names so people automatically associate that with bad things. Namely because they dont understand what they're looking at and wont go do something as basic as punch it into Wikipedia to find out.

Also consider that most things with food coloring in it have very little of the actual coloring substance in it. To highlight this, take some kitchen food coloring and fill up the biggest container you have with water. Put one drop in the water and stir it. See the radical change in color with a single drop of the stuff in relation to how much water is there.

Yes, I'm sure if you chugged enough of something with food coloring in it then there would be problems. But you'd likely be dead from a hundred other things before the food coloring caused problems.

Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
But I found it ironic that the petitioners were using the excuse that poor families couldn't afford the naturally coloured alternatives... surely they must realize that taking out the chemical colours will immediately raise the price for everyone? Or that the poorest of the poor can't afford Kraft brand anyway? Apparently not.
It's a valid concern. The reason chemicals are used is because they're cheap. As much as I'd love to eat all organic, clean food that shit is NOT cheap and there are a lot of people in the position of not being able to afford much else either in terms of finances or time.

Personally I dont get why they need coloring AT ALL. It's fuckin' mac and cheese, it does not need to be neon yellow. Sell it in its natural color and stop fucking with it to take advantage of people's psychology.
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