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Originally Posted by Somegeezer View Post
People have blamed E numbers for hyperactivity in general for a very long time. I'm not sure on the specific studies you've seen. Perhaps there is new evidence. But from what I know, it's nonsense. Hyperactivity in general, is actually caused by the actions of those around you. ADHD in all forms, however, is [or rather, can be] both genetic [in your DNA], and environmental [the way your mind is wired through development].
Yeah, I was trying to track down specific studies about it. Didn't get very far, was wondering if anyone else had heard of them. This was all prompted by a petition notification I received from, about removing Yellow #something from Kraft Dinner in North America. My knee-jerk reaction was, "if you know it's making your kids hyper, then quit feeding it to them." You can make macaroni & cheese from scratch for cheaper than the boxed crap, and it's way yummier. Just takes longer. Even though cheese is expensive, you can make a lot of macaroni and cheese with a 700g block... and bulk pasta is just about the cheapest thing you can eat.

However, my gf's son is allergic to artificial colouring. They're not sure which ones yet, but he's had anaphylactic reactions to some, and vomitting to others, so they had to cut them all out until he's old enough to begin testing one by one. Makes it really fun when he needs a prescription, since they pretty much don't make any that are colourless.

I'm pretty sceptical about most scientific results. My first reaction is that everything is wrong - convince me otherwise. So I signed the petition because I didn't really care one way or another, and I figure less artificial colouring is good for everyone. But I found it ironic that the petitioners were using the excuse that poor families couldn't afford the naturally coloured alternatives... surely they must realize that taking out the chemical colours will immediately raise the price for everyone? Or that the poorest of the poor can't afford Kraft brand anyway? Apparently not.
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