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Originally Posted by purpleboots View Post
Ouch. Fyi I haven't written anything off completely. I am, however being advised by strangers on the internet to write off.completely. forgive me for not immediately following that advice. I have seriously considered it. I think that my desire and incentive to save my family merits more than a week of contemplation. I can't expect.or ask the same patience from folks on the internet. And I don't.
Alright, that's fair. I'm glad to hear that you are putting a plan together. Just having a good plan already gives you a lot more power than you had. It will give you confidence. They will hear that confidence in your voice and see it in your body language.

It's great that the last two days have been better. But don't let your guard down. Use the fact that they can do it for a couple days show you and them that they are capable of it, and remind them that you expect that permanently. This is not to be a token measure, this is meant to be new behaviour. Call them on it every time their behaviour does not match the agreement.
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