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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
Great tidbit-
An hour of aerobic activity does for attention/hyperactivy what a 4 hr dose of ritalin does.

So even if ur kid is diagnosed-seek alternatives. Some of them rock.

We send our 5 year old to run the fence line (1/2 acre fenced). She times herself and tries to accomplish weird tricks like jumping over a log or doing a somersault along the way. The dog lOves having her to run with.
Then she comes in and knocks out an hour of school work with no issues.

The 13 year old and I get up and hit the gym before class. In the afternoon he will chop wood, run the fence line, practice unicycle, bike to the library (3miles) etc. (not all of them every day-just examples).
I've definitely heard of exercise being a great help. But for me, it would be choosing something that could keep my attention in the first place. Something I wouldn't give up on after 10 minutes.

I think if I could find something, that would be great though. Especially as I hate to medicate myself. I don't even enjoy paracetamol [or aspirin, I believe is more common over the ocean], when I have killer headaches. I just soldier on through.

So any alternative means, that anyone could do without medical advice, I think are safe to share.
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