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Red face

thank you ive been distant with them both, the lack of intimacy has left a little gap between me and boyfriend i find myself very cold at times with him. im willing to hear girfriend out and left her show me she is really into me not becuase of boyfriend, hope all goes well, i just honestly need to sit one on on with boyfriend like i did with girlfriend and just clear the air. as i explained in the beginning of this thread, he has been unfaithful to her with me and then to me with her so there is animosity and some harbored feelings there not so much of the cheating because i forgiven and forgotten but more of the fact thatg its not the same relationship now and he needs to understand that not all goes away with a wave of a wand and these issues have only made me retract myself more so pulling me back into his wing will be a little harder this time around. this isnt out one on one relationship anymore so he needs to realize that i wont be the same way its alot of different factors which i know i have to work on as well. keep you guys posted thanks again. BTW dont know your relationship statuses but i wish you all the best.
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