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Yeah, there's a lot of terminology to learn ... As for the unicorn hunter label, I think you should be safe from it as long as you're prepared to be flexible to the uniqueness of this "unicorn" that you may find, and as long as you're prepared to treat her like a person with her own wants, quirks, and needs. People who would objectify her and think of her as something that's there for their convenience -- that would be a pair of unicorn hunters. But I don't think you fit that label. You seem to be flexible about whatever you may find. She may come already attached to another partner, or kids, or want to seek an extra partner or two of her own ... Those are some of the kinds of things to be prepared for.

Honest, compassionate communication will take you a long way. Continue your search, and tap into all our resources on this site to help you navigate on your journey.

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