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Thanks for the advice.

I really would like to meet JQ in person again, to actually talk to her, rather than just a 'hi nice to meet you', but at the least I'd like to be able to communicate via email or phone.

Yeah, Marcus, I am definitely over thinking everything. This is still new, and Falcon's not that great at communicating when not in person.

He also didn't respond to the (single) text, voicemail or facebook message I left over the course of the week (I tried to be light and brief and not desperate sounding, hopefully I succeeded); so I figured I'd see him at rehearsal and be able to talk to him. But he didn't show, and didn't let anyone know he wasn't coming, which is really weird (and according to his friends unusual for him). So I'm just trying to chill and not let my runaway imagination go into hyperdrive, because as you said, it could be literally anything at all in his life that went crazy on him and he just couldn't think about anything else. (I just hope it wasn't anything awful like an accident or a family crisis or something.) And it could be that he's just not that into me if he didn't take a half a minute to text me back that he was dealing with something.

So I'm just going to put it out of my mind and be cool and see if he contacts me. (Won't see him this weekend, but the weekend afterwards he will have to talk to me if he doesn't drop out, since we're in a scene together.)
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