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Default Parting

I drove Vix to the airport, just now, which gave us a chance to talk. I told her some initial observations of my own reaction to her departure, but with the stated intention to observe them for a while, to see how I can mange them.

It turns out, there are a number of little things that have been bothering me, rather than One Big Thing.

She said that things have been so good between us for the past few weeks that it's harder to leave this time.

I couldn't kiss her, because of this virus that seems to have colonized me, but we had a long hug by the car before she went into the terminal.

It was the warmest parting we've had yet.

I'll report more of my observations soon. Right now, though, this virus is having its way with me and I must sleep.

P.S. On my way back from the airport, my iPod came around to this tune, which seemed appropriate in some oblique way - more for mood than for content:

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