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Originally Posted by Helo View Post
I remember they were kicking around the idea of not diagnosing ADD in young children anymore, anyone know what happened with that?

The argument was (and frankly I agree) that ADD is often misdiagnosed in kids who are just naturally more energetic than peers or who have other issues going on that arent as developmentally seated.

It doesn't help that the popular idea of ADD tends to warp people's perception of it.
People are very wary of diagnosing them as easily these days. There are specific ages [I can't remember which] between which, you are able to get accurate answers. But both young children, and even adults, can be difficult to diagnose.

Plus more than half of those who have it s children grow out of it before adulthood. So it's a difficult thing to keep track of. Those who diagnose it, have to be highly skilled in the field. Generally, you'll find that ADHD is their specialty. and you'll certainly never have a GP diagnose it.

I've heard it actually takes a lot of testing too. Just to make sure it's definitely not something else, like anxiety or depression. Because those are much easier to diagnose.
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