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Communication, communication, communication. Me and Evan are developing a dynamic where we're talking about our thoughts and feelings really honestly and directly. I feel like it's very useful to get used to it from the very beginning, it's so much harder to change it later. We had a good conversation today about time. I've been feeling like I'd like a little bit more time with him than I'm getting right now. Not a lot more, but just a little. He said in the nicest way possible that he's actually quite happy with the amount of time we spend together at the moment. Although you might think that would cause an opposite reaction, I actually felt quite good about his answer. I felt more at ease somehow. The truth is always better than trying to guess or analyse what the other one is thinking/feeling. Now that I know he doesn't want to change this aspect of our relationship, I'll just deal with that and get over it. If I thought we were both feeling like we'd like more time together, but that just wasn't happening, I'd get quite frustrated. Now that I know he likes things the way they are and I get my needs fulfilled as well (it was just mild wanting of more that I expressed), there's nothing to worry about really.
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